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3.4 Notes of the Patch

by Brewbane, 636 days ago

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Tiny Things We Might Not Have Known Were Coming:

  • glamour prisms grades mojinated into a single grade
  • a LOT (26+) of orchestrion rolls (achievement for 100! get to work)
  • bigger badder maybe worth carrying Supramax Potions
  • Fuck You in PvP Black Mage (it was fun for a patch!)
  • craftable Hive weapons
  • Tiple Triad Instances (hmm ok)
  • A sleeker not fat as fuck Wheel arguably worth upgrading to

Much sleek.  Very not Triangle.


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Phase 3 HW relic cheapified!

by Brewbane, 665 days ago

Everything must go!

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Yo-Kai Watch Event

by Brewbane, 692 days ago

Gonzo achievements with this event if you care about such trivialities (or obsess on them like me.)

Collect all the minions, and you can get a really silly sperm mount:


Collect all the weapons for a glowy version w/ one of the minions riding shotgun.

The event is basically go donkey-punch fates until you get sick of it.  They cost more as you level them: 

1st 1 7
2nd 3 9
3rd 3 11
4th 3 15
5th 5 15
6th 5 15
7th 5 15
8th 7 15
9th 7 15
10th 7 15
11th 9 30
12th 9 30
13th 9 30
  73 222


Have fun!!!

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